How to Connect to the Bodemuller Crush FTP Java Application


After clicking the link you will see the Bodemuller Crush FTP login window. The guest username is "bodeguest" (without the quotes) and the password is "comeonin" (without the quotes).You may enter your own username and password for private access if it is available to you.



Please select the Crush Uploader as highlighted below:



You may have to grant permission to run the applet. See example below:




A Java applet will load and you will see a window like the one below. You can drag folders, individual files and groups of files into the upload window and click the "Start Upload" button. See example below:



If you drag in multiple files or folders with auto zip selected, it will ask you to name the zip archive. Please enter your company name so Bodemuller can tell who the folder/files belongs to. See example below:


You will get a progress window telling you that your files are uploading with a time estimate. See example below:


Verify that you file(s) is uploaded in the Bodemuller Crush Uploader window. See example below:


Click Here to log in to the Bodemuller Crush FTP Java App for Web Browser