How to Connect to the Bodemuller WebServer with Microsoft Windows.


Right click "My Network Places" and select "Explore".


Double Click on "Add Network Place"


In the Add Network Place Wizard select Next.


In the "Where do you want to create this network place?" select "Choose another network location" then select Next.


In the "What is the address of this network space?" type in "" (without the quotes) then select Next.


Anonymous logins are NOT supported. You must enter "bodeguest" (without the quotes) then select Next.


You can leave the network place name "bodeguest on".


In the "Completing the Add Network Place Wizard" select Finish.


In the "Log on As" dialog enter "bodeguest" (without the quotes) as the username and "comeonin" (without the quotes) as the password to log into the Bodemuller guest account. Do not select "Log on Anonymously". You may select "Save Password" and your PC will always remember your user name and password for the Bodemuller FTP site.


You will now see "bodeguest on" in the in "My Network Places" on your PC. You can click on this at any time to log in to the Bodemuller FTP site. Just drag you files into the window to copy them to Bodemuller.

Please be sure to email Bodemuller to let us know that you have uploaded the files. Please mention the file names in the email to avoid any potential confusion.