How to Connect to the Bodemuller WebServer with OS X


From the "Go" menu at the top of the "Finder" menu select "Connect to Server" (Command-K).

Enter (or you can enter in the "Server Address" field). You can enter the "+" sign to add the Bodemuller Server as a Favorite Server. Then select the "Connect" button.

or by IP address:

Then the authentication dialog will open. Enter "bodeguest" (without the quotes) and "comeonin" (without the quotes) in the password field to log into the Bodemuller guest account. If you have your own user name and password you can enter it as well instead of "bodeguest". Then select the "Connect" button.

Then the Bodemuller Web Server dialog will open. You should select the "bodeguest" volume or your own volume if you logged in with a unique username and password. Do not select the "bodeweb" volume as it is a read only volume and you will not be able to upload files there. If you do select "bodeweb" by accident you will have to repeat the process to log into anothe volume. Select "OK" to connect to the selected volume.

The volume you selected will mount on your desktop. Drag your files on to the volume to copy your files to Bodemuller.